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William D. John

Came across this entry in the Order-in-Council’s paperwork.
1914 October 21
The Provincial Secretary and Minister in charge of the Education Department hereby authorise the payment of $145.00 to Wm.D. John, a school teacher, for fare and expenses from Victoria to Plymouth, England.

--------Followed by: 
To his Honour the Lieutenant-Governor:
that authority be granted to the Auditor-General to pass for payment voucher for One hundred and forty-five Dollars ( $145.00 ) in favour of  William D. John for fare and expenses Victoria to Plymouth, England.
Mr. John had several positions in our schools which he was unable to hold owing to his temperament and it was considered advisable to pay his passage to the Old Country than perhaps have to place him in the Lunatic Asylum.

signed by Henry Esson Young  who was the Provincial secretary, and minister of Education during this time.
Could not find out much at all about the fellow, he is listed as William D. John, B.A. and just a few references in the Victoria Colonist, that he was involved in the;
Victoria Cymmrodorion Society  (1909-1918? ), and he appears to have had expertise in Welsh recitation, and was frequently involved in the St. David’s day activities; St. David is the Welsh patron saint  

Vancouver’s 1st Eisteddfod   was in 1912 , and was the first on the Pacific coast; and I would think that William D. John more than likely was a visitor / participant to this event.
The Victoria Cymmrodorion Society frequently met in the "Sir William Wallace Hall" / Pioneer Hall 28 1/2 Broad,[ 1128 Broad St. ] Victoria,which is the Central Building   

NOTE: That the Cymmrodorion Society is frequently miss-spelled in the British Columbia newspapers as Cymrodorion   

Prior to the Central Building being built the Society met at the Pioneer Hall, corner of Broad Street and Trounce Alley, Victoria.
A photo exists of this now long gone building,
            but it is not online, BC Archives F-07609   

1910 February 9 The Victoria Colonist

1911 insurance map, The Central Building is outlined in red, this is where the
Sir William Wallace hall, was located, and where the Cymmrodorion Society held its meetings.

       What an interesting  practical solution of saving the taxpayers money in the long run.
Instead of incarcerating the fellow in the asylum, and eventually deporting him back to England the government just pays his way back to his homeland, which was probably somewhere in Wales.

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