Thursday, May 7, 2015

New Westminster Provincial Hospital for the Insane

      I came across some images at Coquitlam Archives, original source of which was the Riverview Hospital Historical Society, RHHS.   The RHHS when Riverview hospital was closed in 2012 had to remove their collection, and the BC Archives removed a considerable amount, probably never to see the light of day ever again.   But portions of the RHS collection are being taken care of by the City of Coquitlam; and some scanning of mostly glass plate images has been placed online for our benefit. 

    Sadly they were poorly documented, the descriptions are frequently wrong, and some of the photos appear cropped which hides any identifying numbers and marks that can greatly aid in determining Who made them, and When.
      Below are eight images that were considered to be of Essondale, only two were properly described as being of the New Westminster Provincial Hospital for the Insane,PHI.

       Actually all of these photographs were taken on the grounds of the New Westminster PHI, which is good since not many images exist that show more of the everyday goings on at the site.

They are all dated: ca.191-  ( my guess is 1911 - 1913 )

       I knew that farming occurred at the the PHI, primarily in the gully area which is part of Glen Creek. So a good look at this IMAGE from the Vancouver Archives, shows the wooden fencing, and tops of the farm buildings in the photos below.
flock of geese with farmer in background  CF.012
Chickens in a pen   CF.006
Pigs in outdoor pen   CF.013
Laundry, Public Hospital for the Insane, New Westminster  CF.003
Men working in a farmyard   CF.016
[ Note: appears to be more likely construction involved in the area of the main buildings. ]
Interior Shoe Shop, Public Hospital for the Insane,
New Westminster   EH.011
[ Note: a real gem of  photo.  The Head cobbler appears to be on the left;
probably:  Daniel McQuarrie 1839 - 1911 ]
Essondale interior lab   EH.006
[ Note: I am 99% certain that the person in this image is:
Claude Hubert Gooding  1887-1920 staff, bacteriologist ]
Essondale interior laboratory  EH.012
[ Note: I am 99% certain that the person in this image is:
Claude Hubert Gooding 1887-1920 staff, bacteriologist ]

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